Customer Service and Support Quality at Allegiant Air

In order to survive, most businesses need to ensure that they provide good customer support and service.

One of the things that make budget airlines unique is that they often operates on many routes without competition. In other words, on some sectors, no other airline can even come close to the price the budget carrier charges.

What that can mean is that without competition, so long as the airline meets basic standards and conditions, great or even good customer service may be one of the things that isn't essential for an airline to survive.

Many blogs and websites indicate some frustration with the level of customer service provided by budget or low cost carriers. That doesn't mean they are all bad, but some people do have some concerns with the ability of some airlines to provide good service and effective problem resolution.

What do you think about the level of customer service or support at Allegiant Air?

Have you had a problem with Allegiant and been treated well or badly?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Allegiant Customer Service and Support?

Post your review and comments below.

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  1. Alligiant Airs customer service is unbelievably bad. After their computer crashed and they refused to honor the tickets I had purchased three days latr they charged my credit card anyway. When trying to get this straightened out there suggestions was that in the future I should fly another airline. I would not be surprised to see them out of business shortly