Flight Cancellations on Allegiant Air

All airlines cancel flights from time to time. Cancellations are frustrating and costly to the passenger, meaning that arrangements have to be changed at the last minute, for such things as hotels, tours and meetings.

But it is unclear sometimes why flights are cancelled. Sometimes planes are cancelled due to such things as mechanical failure, airport delay and/or closure and bad weather. Sometimes flights are cancelled well in advance of the scheduled departure.

Has one of your flights been cancelled by Allegiant Air?

How were you treated by Allegiant Air when notified of your flight cancellation?

Were the alternatives offered to you acceptable?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Allegiant Air Plane flight cancellations?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Flight 100 Cancelled on 060812 from Phoenix-Mesa to Cedar Rapids. First flight delayed due to mechanical issue. Delayed some more. Delayed some more and told we would switch planes. And then finally cancelled and told come back tomorrow. Total time at airport seven hours.
    Called Customer Service and told we would get a total of $225 for our trouble with our three tickets.
    If you too are looking for the Allegiant Customer Service phone # don't bother with their website, it's not there. The number in case anyone else needs it, and you will, is 702-505-8888. For your inconvenience it's not toll free.

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  5. flight 1002 from from Phoenix-Mesa to Oakland/ San FRancisco what a comedy of errors and the flight from HELL. First told flight delayed to 8:40 from 6pm, then oops the flight had not left Oakland yet for Mesa (like they can't keep track of their plane?), now 10:40pm arrival so sorry. The plane arrives and we board, the flight gets on tarmac and Pilot says the plane now has a mechanical from a earlier recorded problem which was supposed to have been fixed before but not really. Back to the gate, boarded a new plane, on the tarmac again but now due to late arrival, the runway at Oakland is closing due to construction and nobody checked this before we deplained and replained? Pilot cancels flight at 1am, back to the gate to de-plane....what incompetence. The whole time many planes are sitting on the tarmac why did we have to wait for the late plane to arrive why couldn't we have taken another plane sitting there that they eventually switched to which would have allowed us to arrive earlier to miss the runway closure......I could go on. As we, de-plane for the second time, no offer to change flights to another carrier, no information on alternatives.no hotel offers........ I go up to the desk to ask what is going on and what is going to happen to our flight, I get a telephone number handed to me saying I don't know anything call this number. Ok so I call the number but no information yet. I guess I need to keep calling to wait for the information to update on the automatic voice recording. Everyone on the flight pretty much agreed this was the worst flight ever and was handled very poorly, what is going on Allegiant, is this anyway to run an airline? I understand act's of God and mechanicals but the real issue here is the way this was handled; lack of communication, and competency with accurately giving status. I know that low fares can attract but can you build a business when people find out how you really opperate. Don't think anyone in this group will willfully fly you again.